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The Menthol Cigarette Ban - Are you prepared?

The Menthol Cigarette Ban - Are you prepared?

On May 20th, 2020, Menthol Cigarettes will be banned and no longer available in the UK. This also applies to the dual/click style cigarettes. 

Many current smokers will not necessarily be aware of this fact, despite the work already completed through the smoking ban and change to packaging. 

Menthol has been added to cigarettes since the 1920s. Although Menthol products such as E-liquids or heated cigarettes will still be available, Menthol capsule, click on, click & roll, crush ball or dual cigarettes will be banned. 

In the UK, 15.1% of people aged 18 years and above-smoked cigarettes, which equates to around 7.4 million people, of this we are unsure of the amount of Menthol smokers, but there still is a demand. 

Frost Holdings believes that being prepared for the ban and enabling us to share knowledge and solutions to share with your current customers and future customers, should help those who were Menthol Smokers, to switch to Vaping using a menthol e-liquid, such as the ranges from Dr Frost. 

It is assumed that smokers want to be as close to the taste and sensation of smoking once they quite, hence why tobacco and menthol are favourable flavours. Yet encouraging smokers to try flavoured liquids can show them what great ranges there are on the market. 

Dr Frost is a premium e-liquid brand which has positioned itself as one of the best menthol based liquids in the world and is sold in over 45 countries. Dr Frost offers Fruit flavours with Menthol, Milk Shakes with Menthol, Fizzy Drinks with Menthol plus an array of Nicotine Strengths - in fact, we have everything for the Menthol Smoker who either has no choice or wants to move to vaping but still needs the Menthol Kick.

If you don't have a staple menthol range in your store or shop, get in touch with us at Frost Holdings. 

We can arrange for a FREE sample pack to be sent out to you so you and your customers can try our ranges. 

If you would like to stock our ranges, fill in our wholesale account request form so you can order online or simply email





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