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Dr Frost Salt Nic Range! Now Available

Dr Frost Salt Nic Range! Now Available

Hot of the heels of our 50:50 range, comes out brand new Salt Nic range!

Salt Nic is nicotine found in its natural state within the tobacco leaf. But, ours comes with a icy twist, in 6 mouth watering flavours giving you an icy blast along the way.

Strawberry Ice: Plucked straight from the permafrost then crushed into juicy red ice lollies. Just what the doctor ordered.

Watermelon Ice: Watermelon Ice by Dr Frost Salt Nic – Watermelons are frozen solid with one touch from the Frost.

Grape Ice: A grape adventure, sweet purple icicles are sheered down by the frost & kept cold for your enjoyment.

Cherry Ice: Juicy cherries are stored in the arctic and delivered to the Frost’s lab to be blended into this amazing cherry ice.

Orange & Mango Ice: An amazing glacial blend of crisp tangerine and frozen mango.

Honeydew & Blackcurrant Ice: A lovely blend of honeydew and blackcurrant to cool you off on these sunny warm days to keep you cool and refreshed.

To get your hands on some of our Salt Nic range, head over to our store to find out more.

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