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Floober- the new APP for Vapers

Floober- the new APP for Vapers

Have you heard of Floober? 

No? It's the new app for Vapers who want to know where their nearest Vape Store is. 

If you want to find your favourite brand of e-liquid, Floober will tell who where to find it. You can filter your search to find exactly what you need. 

The app will also suggest other products you might like. 

Floober lets you see a preview of the stores’ details, reviews and type of brands & products. Live chat directly with the particular store staff. If you then wish to go to the store, allow Floober to suggest finding the best routes to your destination.

Floober is a one-stop search & purchase solution for all your retail requirements.

Use the advanced search filter to find if the retail stores do home delivery and choose the type of consumer products.

You can download the Floober app for free from  Apple Itunes or Google Play.

Vape Safe Stores are already on the Floober app! 


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